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Get competitive financing. Find highly-rated contractors. Enjoy industry-leading consumer safeguards.

See what financing is available in your area.

You can start (and finish) home improvements with confidence.

Find contractors you’ll refer.
Search for local contractors based on rating and reviews, specialization and more.

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Keep more money in your pocket.
Renovate America offers competitive, fixed rates with no money down.

Get Financing

Flower' 'Abstract Business Card Card CH00001028 Azeeda Holder Credit Wallet Get the final say on your projects.
Your contractor will not be paid until you sign off the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Pick a Project

Financing for virtually any home renovation you dream up.

HERO financing.
Looking to lower utility bills? We offer competitive rates with no money down for energy-efficient home upgrades. Apply for HERO financing.
Benji financing.
Looking for competitive rates for almost any home upgrade? Apply for Benji financing through your contractor.
See what financing is available in your area.
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When you upgrade your home, you upgrade your life.

Lower utility bills.
Solar panels
Heating & AC
Windows & doors
Roofs & insulation
Ducts & ventilation

Live comfortably.
Remodels & additions
Decks & patios
New floors
Bathroom & kitchen upgrades

Conserve water.
Artificial turf
Drought-tolerant landscaping
Irrigation systems
High-efficiency fixtures

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We’re not satisfied unless our customers are satisfied.

Improving your home improvement experience.

See the many ways you can boost your home’s energy efficiency and increase your curb appeal at the same time.

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Looking to replace your old HVAC system? We’ve got an infographic with handy tips on how to make your upgrade a breeze.

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Your neighborhood can be a huge asset when you’re about to renovate. Check out our tips on how to include your neighbors, get contractor recommendations, and more!

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Two financing options. Endless opportunities.